Wynridge Golf Club

Wynridge Golf Club, LLC is an 18 hole golf course that is open to the public year around.  We open at 7:30 seven days a week. Tee times are preferred on the weekends.  In our Pro Shop, we have a bar area and a newly remodeled Meeting/ Banquet room.  The Banquet room is great for parties, meetings, dinners, and wedding rehearsals.   Please call for prices and to reserve.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (731) 536-5565.

1st Annual Match Play

Wynridge Golf Club would like to establish a “ Match Play (Wynridge Cup) Tournament” to be conducted during the month of June and completed early in July if necessary.  Divisions are planned if sufficient numbers of participants sign up for tournament.  Open (white tees), senior (55+, gold tees), women (red tees) and junior (<16, red tees) are divisions available for contestants.

Sign up by Friday June 14th.  Call the club house to enter or enter by signing on sign-up sheet posted at west door of Wynridge club house.  There is no cost of entry into tournament, only green and cart fees required for play (members no charge for green fees).

Tournament will be conducted in the following manner.

Match play is a competition played by holes rather than total strokes for the round. In a round of golf, two opponents play against each other and while there may be other players on the course, each group is its own match and has nothing to do with the rest of the field. The winners of each match keep advancing until there is only one player left. With 16 players, this occurs after 4 matches or with 8 player, this occurs after 3  matches.

For example, let's look at the imaginary match between players A and B below. A match always starts at "All Square," that is, the match is even, no one has an advantage or disadvantage. A wins the 1st hole, so is "1 up." After A wins the 2nd hole, A is then "2 up." (It doesn't matter how many strokes the hole is won by, no more than "1 up" can be the result of the scores from any one hole.)

The players halve the 3rd hole, so there is no change in the status of the match. B then wins the 4th hole, which leaves A only 1 up. B wins the 5th hole, so the match returns to All Square ("AS"). B then wins the 6th hole, and takes the lead 1 up. And so on.

Notice that a score does not have to be recorded in match play. The result of the hole (won, loss, or halved) simply needs to be determined. In fact, "conceding" is allowed. Player A, for example, can concede the 6th hole to B without finishing it. Players may also concede that their opponents will hole out with their next strokes; therefore, if B wants to concede A's one foot putt on the 7th hole for a 4, B can - and A doesn't have to putt.

The match goes on in this fashion until one player is leading by a greater number than the number of holes left to be played. For example, if B is 5 up with 4 holes left to play, the match is over as A cannot possibly come back. B is said to have won the match, "5 and 4."

Winter rules will apply. 

Players can agree to rules before match if” lift, clean and place”.

Player can improve lie but not position. (cannot improve lie from ruff to fairway or fringe to green, can seek relief from sand traps at nearest point of play no closer to hole)

800 Club Dr. Troy, TN 38260

Phone: (731) 536-5565   -   Fax: (731) 536-4434

Hours: 7:30am - Dusk